How are people in the Diaspora dealing with Malaria Control within their own Communities?

Dr Jane Zuckerman, Director WHO Collaborating Centre for Travel Medicine, Director UCL Medical Student Occupational & Royal Free Travel Health Centre spoke about preventing malaria for those travelling to Africa.

Ralph Tanyi, MCMI, Cameroon Forum -a Diaspora Civil Society,  told the Group about some of the activities in which the Diaspora community has been involved in raising awareness within their communities.

Alistair Soyode, Chairman of Ben Television, the largest Diaspora television broadcaster with audiences across the EU, spoke ofthe imporance of making the Diaspora aware of the dangers of malaria when visting friends and relatives in Africa.  He explained how the Diaspora is leveraging the power of the media with information and education to assist the fight against malaria in Diaspora and at home


VFRs & Travel Medicine Jane Zuckerman APPMG

Ralph Tanyi Cameroon Forum May 2013