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APPMG 2014 Malaria Report

In: Publications • October 15th, 2014

APPMG 2014 Malaria Report

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Presentation November 2008

In: Publications • November 22nd, 2008

Phillipe Desjeux, Semi Synthetic Artemisinins
Philippe Desjeux Semi synthetic artemisisin

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Presentations June 2008

In: Publications • June 22nd, 2008

Lee Wells, Novartis Coartem – the Story so Far
Coartem – APPG – June 2008

Dr Chris Hentschel, CEO MMV
MMV overview June 08

Making a Difference for 175 years
Crown Agents Presentation June 11 08

John Luke & Adam Flynn, Sumitomo The Olyset Net – the Success Story so far
Olyset APPMG June 08

Dr Awa Coll-Seck, RBM, The Global Malaria Business Plan (Draft)
Draft Global Malaria Business Plan June08

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Presentations July 2008

In: Publications • January 22nd, 2008

GSK’s Commitment to Malaria
GSK presentation 8th July 2008

Christian Louqu, MVI Malaria Vaccines
What we need for Success
MVI presentation 8 July 2008

Dr Awa Coll Seck, Roll Back Malaria
Dr Awa Coll-Seck Global subsidies July 07

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Presentations October 2007

In: Publications • October 22nd, 2007

Professor Chris Whitty, LSHTM
The ACT Subsidy – Operational Pitfalls & Opportunities
ACT subsidy- operational pitfalls and opportunities Chris Whitty

Joy Phumaphi, Vice President, The World Bank, The Affordable Medicines Facility (AMFm)
Joy Phumaphi -AMFm 09 Oct 2007

Dr Stephano Lazzari, The Global Fund & the Affordable Facility – Malaria (IFFm)
Stephano Lazzari-AMFm presentation APPMG oct 07Oct 7Baroness

Baroness Shriti Vadera
Vadera – Speech to the APPMG Oct 7

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Presentations July 2007

In: Publications • July 22nd, 2007

Sir Richard Peto, Clinical Trials Studies, Oxford University
The Global high-level subsidy for ACT procurement for affordable home treatment
Sir Richard Peto malaria subsidy July 07

Dr Vinand Nantulya, FIND Diagnostics
The ACT Global Subsidy from the perspective of FIND
Dr Vinand Nantulya – ACT Global Subsidy july 07

Dr Awa Coll-Seck, Roll Back Malaria
The ACT Subsidy
Dr Awa Coll-Seck Global subsidies July 07

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Presentation June 2007

In: Publications • June 22nd, 2007

World Bank – The Global ACT Subsidy
Global ACT Subsidy-FAQs World Bank June2007


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Presentations March & April 2007

In: Publications • April 22nd, 2007

Sunil Mehra, Director Malaria Consortium
European Parliamentary Forum on Population & Development

Dr Vinand Nantulya, FIND Diagnostics, (ex GFATM) The Global Fund
APPMG 23rd March Vinand Nantulya

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Presentations November 2006

In: Publications • November 22nd, 2006

Henry Tito Okwalinga, AMREF, Uganda
Working with Communities to tackle Malaria in Uganda
Tito_Malaria_Presentation nov 06

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Presentations October 2006

In: Publications • October 22nd, 2006

Anna Guthrie, International Poverty Reduction Team, HM Treasury
International Finance Facility for ImmunisationHM Treasury
Anna Guthrie – IFFIm. oct 6

James Droop, IPRT, HM Treasury
James Droop – AMCs Sept 06


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