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November Meeting – Capacity Strengthening

In: Past Events • October 29th, 2014

APPMG November meeting 2014

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2014 Malaria Report launched

In: Press Releases • October 15th, 2014

 Press Release- 2014 Malaria Report Launched

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APPMG 2014 Malaria Report

In: Publications • October 15th, 2014

APPMG 2014 Malaria Report

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AGM followed by European Foundation for NTDs

In: Past Events • October 6th, 2014

Tuesday 1st July, Westminster 

Annual General Meeting

 The European Foundation for Neglected Tropical Diseases
Building a network of African researchers in Africa

Introduced by Professor David Molyneux, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Dr Pauline Mwinzi, Principal Scientist at the NTD Department at the Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya & Dr Richard Phillips, Senior Lecturer, Department of Medicine, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School of Medical Sciences, Ghana.


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Malaria & NTD Research Programmes

In: Past Events • October 6th, 2014

Tuesday 2nd September, Westminster

Malaria & NTD Research Programmes

Dr Helen Price & Dr Brian Horrocks, Keele University

Development of new therapeutics for treatment of malaria and leishmaniasis at Keele. Gave a brief overview of the research base in parasitology at Keele, followed by details of recent promising projects in drug discovery.

Henry Burkitt from the Burkitt Lymphoma Fund for Africa

Christian Rassi, the Malaria Consortium examined the demand and supply side barriers to uptake of intermittent preventive treatment in pregnancy (IPTp). Based on formative research, they are developing, piloting and evaluating an intervention to address these barriers and contribute towards meeting IPTp coverage targets in Uganda. 

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Student Presentations

In: Past Events, Uncategorized • October 6th, 2014

Tuesday 2nd September 

Malaria & NTD Student Presentations

 In an Open Competition Six Malaria & NTD Research Students were chosen from UK universities to make short presentations of their work.

Kayla G. Barnes, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Insecticide Resistance: A Threat To Disease Control

 Lucas Cunningham, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine: The little Pigs and the Big Bad Trypanosome.  An Investigation into the presence of a parasite (T. brucei gambiense) in domestic pigs from a Northern Ugandan Sleeping Sickness focus

Deborah DiLibertoPhD Student at London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Can malaria interventions lead to health system solutions?  A study exploring the design and evaluation of a health worker intervention in Eastern Uganda.

 Mark Moseley, BVSc  MPHIL, MRVCS, Aberdeen University. The Molecular Epideiology of Leptospirosis in Madagascar

This study is undertaken in conjunction with the Institut Pasteur de Madagascar. Funded jointly by the BBSRC EastBio Doctoral Training Partnership and the University of Aberdeen Environment and Food Security theme.

Oliver Perham Centre for Immunology and Infection – University of York and Hull York Medical School. Immunolopathogenesis of Visceral Leishmaniasis – New Insights in the causes of infection-induced anaemia.

 Waleed Alsalem, PhD student at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine.  A public health approach to leishmaniasis control



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Capacity Strengthening

In: Past Events • October 6th, 2014

10th November 5pm, Committee Room 17

Capacity Strengthening

 Professor Sir Brian Greenwood provided an overview and introduced a 17 minute film on the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium, MCDC, which is working to strengthen PhD training programmes in five African universities.

This work, funded by the Wellcome Trust with co-funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  It is increasingly recognised as a model for institutional and scientific research capacity development.

An MCDC doctoral student, post-doctoral fellow and member of staff of one of the partner African institutions will discuss their experience of the MCDC programme.

– Evelyn Korkor Ansah is a Deputy Director of the Research and Development Division of the Ghana Health Service.

– Dr Sanie Sesay Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine has worked in the field of clinical trials and malaria epidemiology. He relocated to Malawi for his Malaria Capacity Development Consortium PhD studentship and now has a postdoctoral position at Department of Clinical Sciences at LSTM.

– Dr Wilson Mandala a Senior Lecturer in Basic Medical Sciences at the College of Medicine, University of Malawi

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Launch of 2014 Malaria Report

In: Future Events • October 6th, 2014

13th October 5pm, Committee Room 6, Palace of Westminster 

 Launch of the 2014 Malaria Report:

“An Unprecedented Opportunity at the awn of a New Era”

Speakers include:

Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, Secretary of State for at the Department of International Development from 2010-2012.

 Professor David Schellenberg, Director of the ACT Consortium, Deputy Director of the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

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